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The Agency Leader Club was a game changer for the knowledge I needed to develop my business.
Max Soans-Burne, Managing Director, Max & You, Melbourne

Helping Agencies to Evolve and Thrive

Like a hand navigating growing, evolving and running your business in 2024?

Like to be able to talk to your peers and get feedback on the market for PR and Comms?

In 2024, The Agency Leader Growth Club will work in 90 day sprints.

The aim of the Club is to help agencies focus over 12 weeks on the two or three key priorities to innovate and grow their business profitably. 

The Club will meet once a month to share ideas, discuss trends and problem-solve.

Each agency will have a monthly one-on-one business mentoring session with Amanda Little to drill into the agency’s specific challenges and opportunities. 

Since leaving her role as Managing Director of Edelman in Australia, Amanda has helped dozens of agency leaders evolve, structure and grow their businesses successfully.

Invitations to join this exclusive and super-focussed group for 2024 will be sent out soon.

Please contact Amanda Little if you’d like to chat about the program in more detail or engage her in one-on-one coaching. 

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The business benefit of the Agency Leader Club was to be able to pause working on the business to share ideas and issues with other business owners who run the same type of business.
Donna Kramer and Adam Brunes Co-Founders, Aruga, Brisbane

What's Included?


2023 Agency Goal Setting

What are your 2023 business goals? How do you rate on the top agency metrics?

Monthly Group Meetings

An opportunity to share and learn with your peers from around Australia & NZ.

One-on-One Agency Mentoring

Taking action each month to achieve goals.

Food for Thought

Podcasts, curated articles and case studies to stimulate ideas and new approaches.

Commercial & HR Templates

A range of practical tools and templates posted on Resources website.

Leadership Profiles

Everything Management DiSC® profile for two agency leaders.

How does the Club Work?

  • Sign up before February 15, 2023
  • First agency one-on-one session on February 21 or 22 to set 2023 goals
  • Group meetings commence in March – every 3rd Wednesday 12 noon (AEDT/AEST)
  • DiSC Management profiles for two leaders to understand the leadership style
  • Follow-up notes, transcripts and meeting recordings
  • Special access and Agency Club discount for other training and webinar events
  • Peer networking and curated business readings and templates.
Max & You
I loved being able to talk to someone like-minded. I also found the environment one which encouraged openness, a collaboration of ideas and vulnerability.
Max Soans-Burne Managing Director, Max & You, Melbourne


During the program we will use several different strategic models to look at how to innovate and drive change to meet the evolving marketplace.

The Three Box Solution, developed by Vijay Govindarajan of Harvard Business School, outlines a strategic plan to first run the business more efficiently for high performance and at the same time have processes for innovating to create new businesses.

Key questions include:

  • What services are we offering that are no longer profitable?
  • What can we stop doing to free up time and resources for creating the future?
  • How can we optimise the current business for efficiency and profit?
  • Where do you need to innovate to compete?
  • How can we innovate while running the current business model?

By balancing the three boxes, managers can resolve the inherent tension of innovating a new business while running a high-performing business at the same time.

Past Present Future Infographic

One on One Agency Meetings

Each meeting we will have a topic for focus. At the first meeting, we will set your financial and strategic objectives for the program.

Monthly mentoring topics will include:

  • Goal setting, identifying top 3 areas for change and growth
  • Current and future positioning, strategy and culture
  • Optimising the agency for profitability and growth
  • Pricing and profit strategies
  • New business pipeline growth and strategy
  • Attracting and retaining the best talent
  • Reviewing client portfolio, areas for specialisation an/or diversification
  • Are there any Blue ocean opportunities?
  • What systems and processes are needed for growth?
  • Rewarding and recognising the team
Since working with Amanda, we have not only consolidated our position but shown strong year on year growth, with a group of excellent clients and a stable, highly effective consultant team that constantly achieves great results.
Holly Reynolds Managing Director, Left Field Communications, Sydney

Thought Leadership

What are the big-ticket issues affecting society that agencies and their teams can take part in?

These are the issues that our people and the community are passionate about.

We will select an issue to learn more about, discuss and share develop thought leadership pieces around it.



I was seeking two outcomes from the program – an enhanced mindset that comes from dedicated time with a trusted adviser to pause, reflect and grow, as well as some immediate, practical and actionable steps for continuous improvement.Through Agency Leader Club, I was able to achieve both.

Louise Marsh
Managing Director, Corporate Conversations, Adelaide.

Corporate Conversation
Business coaching with Amanda has helped me be more equipped, knowledgeable and inspired to manage and grow my agency. I cannot recommend her enough for anyone who wants to grow their business.

Alice Moore
Director & Founder, Élysée Collective, Sydney

Elysee Collective

Your Investment

Your investment:

  • For the Agency Leader Growth Club in FY23 is $10,800 ex GST

Payment upfront:

  • Pay upfront option $9,500 ex GST – saving of $1,300 ex GST. Payment by 15 February 2023.

Pay by instalments:

  • A commencement payment of $5,000 ex GST by 15 February 2023. Final payment of $5,800 ex GST by 31 March 2023


  • Monthly meetings (except June)
  • 10 x individual agency monthly coaching sessions
  • Two Everything Management DiSC report (valued at $295 each)
  • Podcasts and curated business articles
  • Online resources centre
  • Discounts on training courses and events
  • Bonus sessions and guest speakers
I think it’s vital for business owners to invest in reflecting, growing… seeking outside opinions and learning from different experiences. The Agency Leader Club helped us to reflect on our fast-paced and rapidly growing agency in a forum with like-minded business owners. Donna Kramer and Adam Brunes Co-Founders, Aruga, Brisbane


One-on-one agency mentoring sessions will be set in Calendly. Members can change appointments based on availability

Our community guidelines of respect and confidentiality govern meetings
‘Chatham House’ rules for meetings

Program runs until 15 December  2023

One-on-one meetings need to be held within the allocated month
Advice is general in nature. Full terms  available online

About Amanda

I’ve spent my career consulting in public relations with more than a decade’s experience in agency senior management positions.

For the past 12 years I’ve helped agency owners and CEOs profitably grow and structure their agencies.

I’m uniquely placed to offer specialist advice to agency owners and senior executives having worked in a range of senior client facing, business development and senior agency roles including; Managing Director of H+K Strategies and Edelman Australia.

I’ve steered agencies through major downturns including the tech bubble burst, the GFC and since 2019, COVID-19.

We’re in an era of constant change and finetuning and evolving how we work is critical.

I’m keen to share my experience to fast-track your agency’s growth.


“We realized that we were pouring all of our effort and considered strategic thought into our team and our clients. But we weren’t doing the same for ourselves as leaders, as co founders, and as people planning out a business. So, the Agency Leaders Club was a great opportunity for us to invest in ourselves to better ourselves to hopefully better our leadership for our team.”

Co-founders ARUGA
Winner 2020 B&T PR Agency of the Year.


“We thought it was a wonderful opportunity to get some one-on-one coaching from Amanda, and also to meet some other like-minded businesses. It’s not often you get to do that, especially in other states, and to hear about what they’re doing and the challenges they’re facing.

Managing Director,
True North Strategic Communications

True North